Sarah Maddox Design
graphic design, ect.




What do I do?


Design, marketing and brand development.


For products, for publications and, of course, for people.

 Live from the stage/my workspace

Sarah Maddox

My name is Sarah Maddox, and as a graphic designer and marketing professional I believe that design is essential in daily life. We see it everywhere, often without noticing. Think of design as the ambassador of a company, a brand or an idea – and then it’s easy to see why it has the capacity to make a good and lasting impression on every one of us, and even change our point of view.

With my rare skill set and passion to excel, I am able to understand the design process from concept to consumer. Just as important, I can implement my thinking and create the finished piece that allows design to illuminate, educate and motivate.

On a personal level, I enjoy doing anything creative, whether it is designing, marketing, cooking or just making stuff. I have wide interests because I often have my nose in books – something I expanded on during my time in England when I had the opportunity to immerse myself in a rich literary culture.


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